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Most Awaited Sequels In Mollywood

Most Awaited Sequels Mollywood
Most Awaited Sequels Mollywood

Most Awaited Sequels In Mollywood

Malayalam film industry is one of the leading Industry in Indian cinemas. Malayalam movies are more natural and realistic than other Indian language films. It have low making cost when compared to other industries in India, but most of the Malayalam films have maintains a good quality. There are about more than hundred films are releasing each year in Mollywood. Some of them were earned tremendous response from the audience side and they wishes for the sequel part. Here we listed the most awaited sequel parts in Mollywood.

1. Punyalan Private Limited

Punyalan Private Limited is a sequel part of the hit film Punyalan Agarbattis, which was released in 29 November 2013. The hit combination Ranjith-Jayasurya is again teaming up for the sequel part of the film and it naturally heightens the expectation of audience in its peak. The director retains the same cast and crew for this sequel and he produces the film with Jayasurya under the banner of Dreams N Beyond.

2. Aadu 2

Aadu 2 is the sequel part of sequel part of the film Aadu Oru Bheegarajeevialla directed by Midhun manuel Thomas, which was released in 2015. It features Jayasurya, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Sarath Kumar, Saiju Kurup, Vijay Babu are in the lead roles. The first part of the movie was not tanked at box office. But later it was noticed by the audience and thus it got a record with highest sale in DVD and which later became viral among Social media and torrent sites. The director retains the same cast and crew for this sequel and the movie is produced by Vijay Babu under the banner of Friday films.

3. Lelam-2

Lelam 2 is the sequel part of super hit Malayalam movie Lelam, which was released in 1997. It features Suresh Gopi in the lead role. As like the first part of the film, Renji Panicker is writing the script for this sequel. As per reports the film is directed by Nithin Renji Panicker, son of Renji Panicker. It is one of the most awaited sequel part in Mollywood. Lelam 2 is produced by Renji Panicker  along with Josemon Simon under the banner of Renji Panicker Entertainment.

4. Adi Kapyare Koottamani-2

Adi Kapyare Koottamani-2 is the sequel part of the hit film Adi Kapyare Kootamani, which was released in 25 December 2015. As like in Adi Kapyare Kootamani, part 2 is directed by John Varghese and it features Dhyan SreenivasanAju Varghese, Neeraj Madhav and Vineeth Mohan are in the lead roles. In addition to old crew many other actors handles some prominent roles. Adi Kapyare Kootamani 2 is produced by Vijay Babu, who was financed for the first part, under the banner of Friday Film House.

5. C B I Series-Part 5

This film is the fifth part of Mammootty’s Super Hit CBI movie series. It includes Oru CBI Diarykkurupu (1988), Jagratha (1989), Sethuramayyar CBI (2004) and Nerariyan CBI(2005). All of the four movies were directed by hit maker K Madhu and written by S N Swami. According to reports writer SN Swami is already started the work of 5th series.

6. Valayar Paramasivam

Valayar Paramasivam is the sequel part of the hit film Runway, directed by Joshiy and scripted by Udaya Krishna-Sibi K Thomas, which was released in 2004. It became huge success and the character played by Dileep (Valayar Paramasivam) was become sensational among the audience. Any way the fans are desperately waiting for the second entry of Valayar Paramasivam.