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Remuneration Of Bollywood Actors

Remuneration of bollywood actors
Remuneration of bollywood actors

Remuneration Of Bollywood Actors

Bollywood film industry is the leading Industry in Indian cinemas. Bollywood movies are more natural and realistic than other Indian language films. The remuneration of Bollywood super stars are very high when compares with the stars from other industries. Here we listed the remuneration of leading Bollywood Actors.

Sl No. Name Remuneration
1 Salman Khan Up to 60 crores
2 Aamir Khan Up to 50 crores
3 Akshay Kumar Up to 45 crores
4 Shahrukh Khan Up to 40 crores
5 Hrithik Roshan Up to 40 crores
6 Ranbiir Kapoor Up to 25 crores
7 Ajay Devgan Up to 25 crores
8 Ranveer Singh Up to 20 crores
9 Amitabh bachchan Up to 20 crores
10 Shahid Kapoor Up to 18 crores
11 Saif Ali Khan Up to 15 crores
12 Deepika Padukone Up to 14 crores
13 Emraan Hashmi Up to 13 crores
14 Kangana Ranaut Up to 11 crores
15 Sidharth Malhotra Up to 10 crores
16 Varun Dhawan Up to 10 crores
17 Kareena Kapoor Up to 10 crores
18 Priyanka Chopra Up to 9 crores
19 Vidya Balan Up to 7 crores
20 Katrina Kaif Up to 7 crores
21 Anushka Sharma Up to 6 crores
22 Alia Bhatt Up to 5 crores
23 Sonakshi Sinha Up to 5 crores
24 Shraddha Kapoor Up to 5 crores



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