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Sathuranga Vettai 2 Movie review photos videos

Sathuranga vettai 2 movie photos
Sathuranga vettai 2 movie photos

Sathuranga Vettai 2

Sathuranga Vettai 2 is an upcoming Tamil thriller film and which is sequel to Sathuranga Vettai which released in the year 2014. The film is directed by NV Nirmal Kumar and written by H.Vinoth, who was the director of first part. The film features Arvind Swamy and Trisha Krishnan are in the main lead character. Nassar, Shanthini, Daniel Balaji, Vamsi Krishna, Amit Bhargav and Radharavi will appear in other significant roles and Manobala bankrolls this project.

Nirmal Kumar who become popular through the film Salim which released in the year 2014. The first part of the film was a great success and that is why he scripted the sequel part, but he only a part with his script to this film because he is busy with karthi starer film and Nirmal Kumar turned as  its director. The cinematographer turned actor Natarajan played the lead character in first part, in the sequel part they didn’t retain any actors of the previous part, but have new actors including the lead characters but they retains only cinematographer KG Venkatesh.

In the sequel part Arvind Swamy replaces Natraj. Through the film Thani Oruvan, Arvind returned to industry and from there he got many roles and this film too. Beauty queen Trisha krishnan plays the main female character for this film and this is the first time that Arvind and Trisha tie ups and their fans are desperately waiting for this film. Along with them Nassar, Shanthini are also play other significant roles.

Asvamitra composes the music for the film. KG Venkatesh handles the camera and editing is done by SP Raja Sethupathi. The film is produced under the banner of Manobala Picture House.

Cast & Crew

  • Direction                       NV Nirmal Kumar
  • Written                         H. Vinoth
  • Cinematography            KG Venkatesh
  • Music                            Asvamitra
  • Edit                              SP Raja Sethupathi
  • Producer                       Manobala
  • Production Company      Manobala Picture House
  • Cast

  • Arvind Swamy
  • Trisha Krishnan
  • Nassar
  • Shanthini
  • Radharavi
  • Daniel Balaji
  • PV Chandramouli
  • Sriman

Release Date : Not Confirmed


Teaser & Trailer


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