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Kadamban Tamil Movie

Kadamban tamil movie is the upcoming action dramatic film written and directed by Ragava with Tamil film star Arya. The teaser of this film is launched by Tamil actors Suriya ,Karthi and Vishal simultaneously. In the film Arya  plays the role of Kadamban who is a tribal. Along with Arya, Catherine Tresa also have a prominent role in this film and she comes as a tribal lady.

The entry of director N. Ragava  to the indusrty is through the movie Manjapai. Arya gained his weight and a built his body for the film through a continuous effort. This effort can be seen in the film trailer. Along with Arya , Y. Gee. Mahendra, Madhuvanti Arun, Deepraj Rana and Super Subbarayan are handling the supporting roles for this film.

From the trailer we can understand that the film tells about the tribals and the problems happening in their life from co-operate companies and the survival of tribals to stay their place. The life styles of tribals and and romance includes in this film. The main shooting location are in Kodaikanal and its premises.  Anyway the Arya fans have a high expectation on this movie because their meaghamann’s body building video was already viral in the social media. Arya exposed his body previously for the film Madrasapattinam which was released in the year 2010.

The cinematographer S.R. Sathish Kumar moves the camera for the film. His effort results in the film trailer,the shots are very nice one and can perfectly capture the beauty of nature. The VFX team also done a wonderful job, they gives a perfection to the shots of Sathish Kumar.

The Music for the film composes by ‘ilaiya isaignani’  Yuvan Shankar Raja, the experienced music composer. He composes both movie tracks and background score for this film. The actions of the movie is controlled by stunt master Dhilip Subbarayan and Deva edits the movie.

The film is produce by R.B. Choudary under the banner of Super Good Films and the film distributes by The Show People.

Movie Rating : 2.6/5

Cast & Crew

  • Directer/Writer                        Ragava
  • Producer                                 R.B. Choudary
  • Cinematography                      S.R. Sathish Kumar
  • Music                                     Yuvan Shankar Raja
  • Stunt                                     Dhilip Subbarayan
  • Production Company                Super Good Films
  • Distribution                             The Show People
  • Starring     :
    • Arya     – Kadamban
    • Catherinr Tresa   – Radhi
    • Y.Gee. Mahendra
    • Madhuvanti Arun
    • Deepraj Rana
    • Subbarayan

Release Date : 14 April 2017.

Photos & Stills

Teaser & Trailer


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